Canvas Custom Shirts

These days button up shirts are everywhere. From casual freelance millennials, to white collar businessmen, the button up shirt is a staple. Let’s face it, finding them off the rack is not a challenge, but with hundreds of fabrics and styles to choose from, finding a custom shirt can be more of a challenge.
Canvas offers a timeless approach to getting you into a custom dress shirt for any occasion. 

Understand your industry, background & message; Are you a designer, a corner office executive or a freelance blogger who wants to impress onlookers at his local coffee shop? Once we have determined your industry or culture, we start designing the key elements that make a custom shirt YOURS–What message are you sending? This includes collar style, collar spread, cuff style, placket, interfacing rigidity, placement of the top button, length, etc.


Selecting the fabric; There may actually be nothing worse than selecting a fabric that looks and feels wonderful, only to find out later that it doesn’t match with your lifestyle and starts coming apart at the seams or fraying some way. Discussing the purpose of the shirt will determine what style, weave, and thread content is right for you.


Choose the right button; Some buttons although beautiful, don’t stand up well with frequent washing. Other buttons are both durable and look great. And for those formal occasions, go ahead and try some mother of pearl buttons!


The Fit, The Fit, The Fit. With any custom garment, the fit is the most important element. Don’t trust everything you see in magazines. Those super slim clothes on models look great in pictures, but wearing something that tight is terrible and you won’t look or feel great. Canvas takes care of your measurements to ensure that the collar, sleeve length, cuff allowance, posture, and overall length is just right. We prefer designing your shirt a little looser, in a more classically sophisticated way. Being able to move comfortably is critical, but we’ll be sure you still look tailored.