It’s Never too Early to Start Planning Ahead

Have you ever been caught in bad weather? We all have, and let’s face it—we didn’t like it. Even if you manage to avoid the rain, getting caught unprepared for a cold, damp autumn or winter day can leave you chilled and performing subpar. When that nip in the October air is setting in, that’s the time to grab your Canvas overcoat! We're offering a pre-season sale on our overcoats for the month of October. What makes Canvas outerwear your best choice?


Material and construction

All Canvas overcoats are made with premium quality wool. Some of our exclusive fabrics are a blend of cashmere and wool. All our overcoats are made with full canvas construction, providing you with the best wear over time.  


We design our overcoats in a way that keeps you looking your best. This means that you will have a tailored, refined coat that also keeps you warm and comfortable. 


How to wear

Canvas overcoats can be worn on any occasion. Whether you are off to work, out for dinner, attending a formal event, or out doing your errands, our coats pair perfectly overtop of your suit or your casual sweater and denim. 

As we move farther into fall, the weather will get more unpredictable. Stay prepared, stylish, and sophisticated with your very own Canvas overcoat. 

Use Promo code SAVE20 when booking your appointment. Sale ends November 03, 2018.