Mix-and-Match this Season

Summer is nearly over. We know, it’s only September, but there’s no denying that the season of sun and relaxation is coming to a close. And you know what? We’re not too upset about it. Maybe it’s the clean, crisp morning air, or the kids going back to school. However you feel about this time of year, we hope the past few months have given you a chance to hit reset, and that you’re all set to get back to business. 

As you get into the swing of post-summer life, what’s the best way to embrace this time of transition in your wardrobe? Mix-and-match. Mixing and matching is key to keep you motivated to perform at your best. Here’s one of our favourite ways to mix and match this season.

Mix-and-match with colour. Juggling your priorities while striving to perform at a high standard can seem pretty daunting! Try incorporating light hearted remnants of summer into your suit game, like Nick has done. Nick’s a busy, urban gentleman who works hard and loves experimenting with his style. He has paired a canary yellow linen pocket square with a Canvas mid-weight wool/cashmere suit in deep khaki.

For an alternative look, his all-business Canvas double-breast in Vitale Barberis Canonico late season wool is brightened up with this happy summer micro gingham tie.

This season, why not try something similar? Experiment with different fabrics, uplifting colours, and cheerful patterns. Better yet, come see us at Canvas, and we’ll fit you with our sophisticated mix-and-match tailored style.