Canvas Custom Denim

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No one needs convincing of the value of a good pair of jeans. From a boardroom to a barbecue, jeans are a wardrobe staple.

Since the 17th century, denim has been a fabric prized for its versatility—used everywhere from a ship’s sails to a workman’s uniform. Nowadays, from work to play, business to leisure, denim still does it all.

We want to take denim one step further.

Enter Canvas denim. These aren’t an ordinary pair of jeans—they’re Canvas custom jeans.

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The Canvas jean combines the feel of a fully tailored suit with the versatility and comfort of your favourite pair of jeans. Crafted with 13 oz denim and customizable down to the smallest details, they’ll be your new go-to, wear-anywhere jeans.

Whether it’s travel, business, or simply enjoying some downtime at your local caffeine hub, Canvas jeans will have you covered.  

Introducing Canvas denim, customized just for you from $99.99.

Book an appointment with us to experience Canvas denim for yourself!