We're All About Plum!

At Canvas, we have a classic and sophisticated approach to tailored menswear. However, we don’t confuse timeless style with being boring, drab, or ordinary.

This month we want to showcase Kemar’s unique style—an expressive mix of personality and classic elegance.

Kemar appreciates a variety of colour. This eye-catching combination of plum and plaid is a perfect example of how expression meets sophistication. What makes this look work?

IMG_0048 formatted.jpg

Consistent base colour

While the patterns differ, the colours are alike, making for visual interest and a unified look.


Consistent texture

These pieces, made from fine Italian wool, can be worn separately, but are designed to complement each other. Their textures, weaves, and fabric weights work together to create a harmonious, tasteful ensemble.

IMG_0051 formatted.jpg

The result: quality and comfort combined with character.

Why not try this colour combination today? Plum—the perfect fall colour.