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Clean. sophisticated. classic.


"The Canvas experience is first rate. From the vast sartorial options to the savvy counsel from the team, I highly recommend them for your next formal shopping quest."–N.B. Montreal

"If you’re looking to add something new into your wardrobe, this is the company that will provide what you need. They have a great selection of materials and ideas, and all the garments are made to your specifications, with no pressure. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed."–E.W. Toronto

“Canvas offers quality fabrics with classic styling. The stylists know their product, and offer the best personalized styling cues. Reasonably priced, timeless style, 100% satisfied.”–R.B. Toronto


About Us

Canvas is dedicated to the founding principles of men’s tailoring and strongly believe in the power of collaboration. It is who we are. Once we discovered the comfort and class of a custom suit years ago, we were hooked.  After combining our skills and learning the craft, we wanted you to have the same feelings we had. 

Whether you are choosing a Canvas custom suit for business, casual, formal or “just because”, Canvas Custom Suits will design a classically sophisticated yet modern garment that fits YOU. The fusion of our heritage and experience, combined with your unique style, will result in an expertly tailored garment - the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

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From the mid-17th century when the suit started to take shape in men's fashion, it quickly became ‘the’ garment of choice for businessmen.  The business suit is quintessential to any man's wardrobe. In the 21st century it can be more difficult to set yourself apart in a competitive workplace.  Now is your chance! When you wear a tailored suit from Canvas, you will feel more powerful - changing the way you approach the world. Canvas will provide you with a tailored garment that will give you the sophisticated class needed to navigate throughout your career. 

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A special occasion might be the only time you put on a finely tailored suit. An anniversary, wedding, or any other formal event is the perfect time for you to experience customizing each detail.  From buttons to fabric, from lining to lapel,  you will feel the joy of enhancing your special event with Canvas formal-wear. 




A gentleman's overcoat has been a staple of function and fashion for as long as the suit has. The Canvas team knows you want to feel confident and make a good impression. We believe the cold weather solution is The Canvas Overcoat.

Canvas Overcoats are made with natural fibres, woven to last. Using 100% wool or a blend of wool and cashmere, these overcoats are designed to naturally resist the elements and keep you warm and comfortable.




The Canvas Shirt is a must.  All our shirts are fully custom-made. The Canvas team will design a casual shirt just right for down-time or an elegant shirt perfect for any formal event.  The Canvas Shirt is made of the finest cottons, linens and silks. Choose fabric from Canclini, Tessitura Monti, and Söktas. 

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Who doesn't love to kick back and relax?  Canvas stylists are experts at tailoring your casual wear to suit any occasion.  Canvas will keep you looking your absolute best while traveling, shopping, or simply enjoying an evening with friends. Whether you are in the market for chinos, casual dress pants, or a suit that you can rock with sneakers and a t-shirt, Canvas will ensure you are cool and casual.